3D Printing Articles

I read three very interesting articles this about 3D printing that discussed cost and availability, customizing products for the individual, and digital dentistry. I think cost and customization will make 3D printing very popular.  Just think if the average person will be able to afford a 3D printer they could have many things literally at their fingertips, and customized for them too.  But, on the down side I wonder if this will make us want instant gratification for any product  that we desire!


Affordable 3D printers are lowering the cost of entry into manufacturing and as a result, the 3D printer market will continue moving from niche adoption to broad acceptance, driven by lower printer prices, the potential for cost and time savings, and improved performance that drives markets.  I thought it was interesting that 3D printers are now priced so that any size business can invest in them and start experimenting with many ways to monetize them. By 2016, enterprise-class 3D printers will be available for under $2,000.


Companies such as Massive Dynamics Inc and New Balance are using 3D printing technology to customize products for the individual.  New Balance has introduced a new technology that will use a persons biomedical data to customize 3D printed spike plates that will enhance an athlete’s performance. With this new technology,  consumer’s wants, needs and desires will all be able to be met much easier than before.


for Apex Dental Milling, 3D printing has ushered in a new way to create dental models. With the aid of an Objet Eden260V, it is possible to print batches of 20 or 30 models at a time.  They have also successfully printed a mouth guard model. So far there hasn’t been anything that you could actually put inside your mouth, but, just imagine in the near future one will not have to wait for weeks for permanent dentures or crowns!

Hope you enjoy!


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